Softball Training

Softball Training Documents:

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Meeting Training Materials:

3 ft Lane Interference Condensed Study Guide

Baserunning Part 1 Rule 8

Batting Rule 7

Courtesy Runner Rule 8

Foul Tip or Foul Ball–Sharply & Directly


Infield Fly Rule Rule 7

Interference Rule 8

Obstruction Rule 8

Pregame Meetings with Coaches

Write the Lineup Right


Non-Approved Bat List

2017 Softball CIF Questions & Answers

Baserunning II Rule 8

Obstruction Rule 8

Interference Rule 8

Live Ball Dead Ball Rule 5

Baserunning Part 1 Rule 8

The Double 1st Base–Essentials

Certification Test A 2016 (docx)

Two Man Mechanics (pdf)

2016 NFHS Non Approved Bat List (pdf format)

Bat List (pdf)

Crow Hops & Leaping (doc format)

Softball Rules Training Baserunnering I Test (doc format)

Softball Rules Training Baserunnering II Test (doc format)

Getting Partner Help (doc format)

Understanding the FLEX & DP (doc format)

DPFLEX Case Plays (doc format)

Courtesy Runner Rule 8 (doc format)

Look Back Rule Training (doc format)

Pregame Meetings with Coaches (doc format)

DP-FLEX Lineup Card Management Tutorial (pdf format)

Sharply and Directly_Foul Tip or Foul Ball (doc format)

Softball Axioms (doc format)

Umpire Staging Area (pdf format)

SOFTBALL Rules Batting Test (doc format)

SOFTBALL Rules Interference Training Test (doc format)

Interference in the Three-Foot Lane (doc format)

Umpire Signals (pdf format)

Obstruction Test (doc format)


Pitching Rule 6 (doc format)

Scoring Rule 9 (doc format)

Infield Fly Rule Rule 7 (doc format)

New Member Softball Training Documents:

2016 New Member Training Syllabus (doc format)

Rule 1 Discussion Questions (doc format)

Rule 2 Discussion Questions (doc format)

Rule 3 Discussion Questions (doc format)

Rule 4 Discussion Questions (doc format)

Rule 5 Discussion Questions (doc format)

Rule 6 Discussion Questions (doc format)

Rule 7 Discussion Questions (doc format)

Rule 8 Discussion Questions (doc format)

Rule 9 Discussion Questions (doc format)

Understanding the FLEX & DP (doc format)